Lernen durch Engagement - Service Learning

Service-Learning aims to combine self-determined community engagement with subject-based learning, with a particular focus on fostering social skills. Previous studies have shown that social competences and the self-concept of those involved are particularly promoted; corresponding studies have so far been carried out mainly at secondary schools or in higher education contexts. However, it can also be assumed that interventions using the concept of service-learning in primary schools can contribute to improving the emotional-social school experiences of primary school children. However, well-founded studies on this are still largely lacking.

The current project aims to implement Service Learning at elementary schools to improve socio-emotional competencies of girls and boys from grades one to four. Teacher students from the elementary education program from the University of Greifswald work together with elementary school children to design, implement and evaluate community projects.

The projects take place during the summer term and are supported by the LdE-Kompetenzzentrum M-V and funded by the Ehrenamtsstiftung M-V.

Birgit Schröter (NDR), Mai 2022

Project lead: Dr. Frances Hoferichter & Vertr.- Prof. Juliane Schlesier (University Vechta)

Cooperation with: Lernen durch Engagement Kompetenzzentrum &

Friederike Kracht (University Greifswald, Department of Psychology)

School partner: Mandy Senst (Coordinator of Grundschule am Bodden, Neuenkirchen)

Funded by: Stiftung für Ehrenamt und bürgerliches Engagement in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern