Promoting well-being among European adolescents– an inclusive and digital programme to strengthen socio-emotional competencies SEL4@ll

The project includes the development, implementation and evaluation of a SEL based program with an inclusive approach using digital methods, called SEL4@ll, to develop socio-emotional competencies – especially in students with fewer opportunities. The programme aims to develop these key competences to improve well-being, which in turn affects the way students interact with each other at class and school level, thus promoting openness, inclusion and diversity among European youth.

Following a co-creation approach, the project consists of the development of SEL4@ll as a serious game with an interface reminiscent of a space-themed science fiction video game. The serious game will be implemented and evaluated in the school context to investigate the impact on students' socio-emotional competences, well-being and integration at class and school level. SEL4@ll will be programmed as a mobile app that will be available in four different European languages (German, Italian, Spanish and English). In addition, digital teaching materials will be developed, which include a teacher's manual and video tutorials to facilitate implementation by teachers. This teaching material will also be freely available in the four languages.

Duration: 01/2023–12/2025

Funded by the European Union, Cooperation partnerships in school education KA220 Erasmus+

Cooperative partnership:

Project lead: Dr. Frances Hoferichter (University of Greifswald, Germany)

Ass. Prof. Konstanze Schoeps (University of Valencia, Spain)

Prof. José Antonio Lozano Quilis (Politecnical University of Valencia, Spain)

Prof. Annalisa Morganti & Dr. Alessia Signorelli (University of Perugia, Italy)


Project assistant: Anne Lorentzen (University of Greifswald, Germany)