Welcome to the Department of General Pedagogy!

General pedagogy as a discipline endorses an international comparative perspective to analyse the structure and meaning of socialization and education processes in a historical, and societal framework.

Research within this department focuses heavily on past and current educational theory, educational research from a historical perspective, and progressive education including contemporary pedagogic approaches for health and peace education.

The curriculum primarily comprises elements of pedagogic theory, fundamental concepts and issues in education, as well as the historical study of social and institutional pedagogy. The final aim of the programme is to provide students with a well-founded knowledge base of key pedagogic concepts and issues, as well as a critical understanding of the cultural and societal challenges for the discipline from historical and international comparative perspective. Students are also introduced to various subfields of pedagogy and the potential pitfalls in contemporary pedagogic practice.  As such, general pedagogy trains students in fundamental pedagogic theory and history, allowing them to pursue more specialized studies in school pedagogy and pedagogy for special educational needs, as well as developing their own self-critical identities as professional educators.


Head of General Pedagogy Department: Prof. Dr. Pehnke

Office: Angela Wohlfahrt

Address: Franz-Mehring-Str. 47
17487 Greifswald

Email: wohlfartuni-greifswaldde

Tel.: +49 3834 420 3709

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